A Yes To Remember About Me

A Yes To Remember

Allow me to introduce myself ...

Based in Italy but with partners in Europe’s main destinations, I am just a call away to plan the perfect proposal for you in whatever European city you wish to propose. Expertise, creativity and attention to details run in my blood: these are the main elements you should be looking for in order to create a proposal that will make your future fiancée dream with eyes wide open! My name is Elvira and I have a solid knowledge and background in hospitality, events and high-end travel planning. I am an Italian native with fluency in both Spanish and English. Born in Sicily but raised in Milan, I have spent some years between London and Miami where I could develop interpersonal skills that allow me to relate to all kind of customers in the most natural way and a determination into accomplishing any task given in the most efficient way. Your proposal is something I take very seriously so sit back and relax: consider it done – she will say yes!


My Mission

My only goal at the end of the day is for you to get married to your beloved, and if you are wondering why you should let me handle the proposal planning, just think of this one simple example…

When you need to buy a new outfit you surely look for something fancy, enticing, something out of the ordinary. Often times we look for something that not only looks appealing but ultimately makes us feel amazing. I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t like to feel special and amazing?

My mission is to create the perfect proposal that will not only be memorable in its appearance, but convey all the emotions that an everlasting moment like this will forever make you feel!

A Yes To Remember has two significant meanings:

It will be a YES to remember because it is that one YES that will change your life forever. Secondly, it is going to be a YES to remember because my personal involvement as proposal expert ensures that this occasion will be a special moment in time and surely will live in the couple’s memory!

What they say about me ...